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Garmin Vivosmart 3 review

Garmin is turning its considerations back to the wellness tracker with the Garmin Vivosmart 3, with wellbeing at its heart. It's marginally less focussed on sport than the GPS-toting Garmin Vivosport, with stretch following, guided breathing activities and rest observing joining exercise discovery, rep tallying, and obviously a pulse screen.

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Garmin Vivosmart 3


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This is a wearable obviously intended to clash with the Fitbit Alta HR. It drops the GPS therefore, shockingly restricting the new tracker's potential as a running gadget. It likewise comes in at £130, so Garmin is focusing on the lower end of the wellness following business sector.

However, do Fitbit, Misfit et al have anything to be stressed over?

Garmin Vivosmart 3: Design

Garmin Vivosmart 3: A tracker that is worried for your prosperity

The plan of the Vivosmart 3 is utilitarian, however not its most grounded suit. The finished elastic band has a more unibody look than its antecedents, offering route to a smooth dark strip down the center that masks the screen. The monochrome show is totally imperceptible when off, however it's very little when on and holds back before the bend.

Wellness tracker go head to head: Fitbit Alta HR v Misfit Ray

While it probably won't be excessively moving, making it impossible to take a gander at, it's fantastically agreeable and furthermore sufficiently waterproof for swimming. Shockingly it likewise pulls in smircesh and dust like they're leaving style – genuinely, it's difficult to keep this thing clean. You have two adaptations to pick from – little/medium, and extensive – yet its unibody manufacture implies you're screwed over thanks to whichever measure you get, so ensure you pick the correct one. You can likewise lift it up in a decision of dark or purple, yet the last just comes in the littler of the two sizes.

Another distinction is that the show is not any more dependably on, yet requires either a tap or a raise of the wrist to wake. Fortunately it's amazingly splendid, even with the late morning sun impacting down on it. But at the same time it's one of the Vivosmart 3's weakest focuses, as it tends to be frustratingly inert, particularly the raise-to-wake motion.

Garmin Vivosmart 3: A tracker that is worried for your prosperity

Skipping through the distinctive screens is finished with a swipe up or down of the finger, and afterward a tap to see more information. For instance, with information, for example, step check and stair climbs you can tap to see your score for the day preceding, or a tap on pulse will give you a small readout for as far back as hour alongside your most elevated and least readings.

So far we've discovered that it time after time misconstrues taps for swipes or in some cases simply doesn't react by any means. You must be immediate and striking in your developments, in spite of the fact that when water gets included it appears to deteriorate. We got captured by the rain on one run, and needed to grapple with the screen significantly more to motivate it to do what we needed.

Unfortunately it's not as gorgeous as the Alta HR, the gadget it senses that it's going up against specifically.

Garmin Vivosmart 3: Activity following

Garmin Vivosmart 3: A tracker that is worried for your prosperity

At its most essential, the Vivosmart 3 tracks your means and pulse as the day progressed, giving you an on-gadget readout of your beats for the most recent hour, including the most astounding and least focuses. As a rule, optical pulse screens are greatly improved at all day, every day pulse following than they are at higher-octane exercises. With the Vivosmart 3 I've discovered everyday pulse following to be entirely great. My resting pulse has been by and large precise and has kept in accordance with the Fitbit Alta HR, which I've been wearing on the other wrist. Frequently I discover the in plain view perusing is higher, yet Garmin's calculations appear to adjust things out in the application.

Step following has likewise been great, yet as ever, as long as it's not fiercely off the check it's less utilize contrasting outcomes with different gadgets than it is simply perceiving how you change everyday, as the calculation will stay settled. All things considered, I thought that it was held near the Alta HR, tending to come in only somewhat under before every day's over.

Garmin Vivosmart 3:

For testing the rest highlight, I additionally put the Vivosmart 3 up against the Fitbit Alta HR, which I've observed to be a standout amongst the most exact wrist-worn rest trackers, and the Beddit 3. I found the Vivosmart 3's programmed rest identification was great at working out when I had floated off and woken up, however offered little past that. While Fitbit utilizes your pulse to work out when you're in REM rest, Garmin does not, and the rest highlight is somewhat constrained by correlation. It doesn't, for instance, begin hurling up bits of knowledge in light of your rest designs like a portion of Fitbit's gadgets presently can. In any case, as I stated, precision is for the most part great, so in the event that you simply require an outline of your hours and minutes of sleep, the Vivosmart 3 does the activity.

Another way Garmin is pitching this as to a greater extent a wellbeing and-prosperity gadget is in pressure following. This estimates your pulse changeability to decide how focused on you are, with a score somewhere in the range of 0 and 100. You can likewise swipe left to see a minor chart of your feelings of anxiety for as far back as hour, and in the event that you feel somewhat bowed down under the heaviness, all things considered, you can commence Relax Timer, Garmin's guided breathing element.

Garmin Vivosmart 3: A tracker that is worried for your prosperity

I've observed the pressure following to be more hit than miss. It's completed a great job of catching a portion of my more unpleasant minutes, yet there have been seasons of quiet where it's perused very – and a few distressing events where it disclosed to me I was fine. In any case, I believe there's more incentive in investigating your diagrams toward the day's end, in the application or online entryway, to get a general thought of exactly how focused on you are every day. For instance, you may see more worry amid work hours than time spent outside of the workplace, or possibly your mornings have a tendency to be more distressing than your evenings. I'm not somebody who finds the guided breathing activities all that convenient (I do get a kick out of the chance to rest from time to time, yet I like to do it without the assistance of innovation). Some may think that its more valuable to get a prod to take some time out to unwind, however.

Garmin Vivosmart 3:

Another new element on the Vivosmart 3, and something we saw Fitbit make a big appearance on the Charge 2, is VO2 Max. This has really been utilized on a portion of Garmin's different wearables for some time now, and is an estimation of the most extreme volume of oxygen your body can use amid work out. Whenever precise, it very well may be a greatly improved detail to quantify your wellness with. You'll have to complete a short exercise, be that a walk or a run, before Garmin can measure your level.

My VO2 Max score on Fitbit nowadays is 54. On Garmin's stage I began in the mid-40s, yet it has crawled up towards Fitbit's score the more I've utilized it, so hope to see your score become over some undefined time frame as well. Obviously, outside of a lab with all the best possible gear it's far-fetched this will be 100% exact, yet it's a greatly improved method for measuring your wellness in connection to others in your age and sexual orientation section – and Garmin will reveal to you where you remain among your companions in the application.

Garmin Vivosmart 3: Running and quality activities

Garmin Vivosmart 3: A tracker that is worried for your prosperity

So without GPS, can the Vivosmart 3 stand up as a genuine running gadget? There was just a single method to discover. Day by day pulse following had demonstrated great, yet high-power movement is something else, and regularly where pulse tumbles down.

Before evaluating the nature of following, you can begin exercises either physically or naturally. The parameters for auto-following can be set in the application – I have mine to track strolling when it sees I've been strolling for 10 minutes, and to gauge pursuing two minutes. You can likewise begin a keep running on the gadget itself with a long press, and afterward two or three swipes down to the small running individual. At that point two or three taps later (excepting any mis-swipes) you're away. You can likewise pick what data is shown on the screen when working out by going into Activity Options in the application. Tap on Run and you'll have the capacity to pick where you need diverse measurements – clock, reps, pulse, pulse zones – to show up.
Wareable may get a commission

So first, how did separate hold up? I took the Vivosmart 3 out on a couple of runs and put it up against the Apple Watch Series 2, Garmin Fenix 5X, Wahoo Tickr chest tie and Fitbit Alta HR (which likewise needs GPS). On one short run, I found the Vivosmart 3 read 0.2 miles higher than the Apple Watch and 0.23 miles higher than the Fenix 5X. On another 5K run, however, it fared much better, coming in inside 0.18 miles of every one of them. As a matter of course the Vivosmart 3 will figure your walk length however you can likewise modify it physically in the application, and I'd suggest doing as such for ideal exactness.

The exactness of separation following came as somewhat of an astonishment, however then so did the way that Garmin discarded GPS on the Vivosmart in any case. Unmistakably it knew its accelerometer information was up to snuff, or if nothing else sufficient. If you somehow happened to take the Vivosmart 3 out for a three-hour run, you may see more dissimilarity in the outcomes, however else it completes a not too bad occupation. It's only a disgrace that Garmin doesn't give you a chance to utilize the GPS on your telephone like Fitbit does with the Charge 2 and Blaze. It appears as though a little thing to include that could have a considerable measure of effect.

Presently on to pulse. Of the considerable number of gadgets tried, the Vivosmart 3 had the best propensity to hop high on pulse. On one run it turned out with a normal of 150 bpm and a maximum of 170 bpm, while the chest tie hit 146 bpm and 166 bpm separately. Alternate gadgets came in the middle.

Garmin Vivosmart 3: A tracker that is worried for your prosperity

Apple Watch (left), Vivosmart 3 (center), Wahoo Tickr chest lash (right)

On another run the Vivosmart 3 turned out with a normal of 154 bpm and a maximum of 184 bpm, while the chest lash got a normal of 151 bpm and hit a maximum of 170 bpm. On that one the Apple Watch really arrived at the midpoint of most noteworthy of all with 156 bpm, however obviously the Vivosmart tends to hop excessively high now and again. Furthermore, you can see on the charts above, it was when hitting those HR crests that the Vivosmart recently went that additional piece higher.

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Obviously without GPS you won't get a guide after the keep running in the application, yet despite everything you'll have the capacity to examine your different measurements like speed, pace and pulse on both the application and online Garmin gateway. I'm not going to dig significantly more into the application here, as you can go stall out in to a portion of our inside and out aides, yet it feels like Garmin needs to give its product some more love. Too often I've had the application solidify up or crash on me, and I likewise disagree with a portion of the design. It's not the most instinctive to get around, and time and again I end up gazing at the stacking screen while moving from menu to menu.

Past running, the Vivosmart 3 is prepared for some quality activities including weight lifting. I utilized my muscles and gave this a spin, and it's splendidly precise insofar as you're keeping your augmentations pleasant and full. It some of the time neglected to get reps when I quit considering it and let my shape slacken a smidgen. Between sets you'll have to tap the screen to reveal to it you're taking a break, before tapping again to begin the following set.

Garmin Vivosmart 3: Smart notices and battery life

Like relatively every other wearable out there with a screen, the Vivosmart does notices. Be that as it may, not at all like some others, it underpins notices from all applications on your telephone, and you can likewise utilize its essential forward, back, play and delay catches to control your music. By and large – likewise with most different wellness trackers – I discover the screen too little to peruse messages on, however in the event that it's an instance of knowing whether you have a content from somebody essential or simply one more Snap from that companion who simply found Snapchat, it very well may be valuable.

With respect to battery, Garmin guarantees up to five days and I've had no issue hitting that. Truth be told I've really crushed out multi day more from it. As ever, it relies upon how you're utilizing it, yet five days is effectively overseen.

Garmin Vivosmart 3

By Garmin

Garmin has re-calculated the Vivosmart to improve it rivalry for Fitbit. The loss of GPS is a disgrace, despite the fact that separation following on the 3 is great. Be that as it may, as an every day action tracker this still offers a considerable measure, including the reward of pressure following. The sticker price doesn't hurt either, while waterproofing gives it an edge of a large number of its opponents. It's only a disgrace it doesn't look more pleasant.


Bunches of highlights on offer, including VO2 Max

Backings some quality exercises

Great cost



Show can be lethargic once in a while

Pulse not the best at high force

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