Mail redirection - domain redirection types

When assigning a domain to hosting, you can change the domain's mail forwarding settings. In the section: Mail service, you can redirect e-mail that comes to your domain address .
This means that you can route email from the domain :
  • to the server at
  • other mail server (using MX records)
  • to another email address.
  • or disable mail support for the selected domain .

For example, you can assign a domain to the server at to handle mail created on this server, while web traffic can be redirected to a page published on an external server (or vice versa).
After setting the mail forwarding, all email traffic in the configured domain will be forwarded according to the set configuration (mail forwarding in the domain will cover all email addresses in the domain). mail - Mail forwarding - Select the type of forwarding
  • To change mail forwarding, select the forwarding type:
    • Your server - select this option if all email traffic in your domain should be directed to the server in to which the domain has been assigned . E-mail boxes created on this server will be able to use e-mail addresses in the form, e.g.:
    • Other MX records - select this option if you want to direct all email traffic in your domain to another external server . Enter the addresses of the mail servers to which the mail should be forwarded in the fields below. You can enter up to 4 email server addresses. When adding addresses, you must specify priorities for mail servers, e.g. 10, 20, 30, 40.

    • Forward email domain traffic to another server using MX records
    • Email redirection - after selecting this type of email forwarding, enter one email address in the field below to which all messages sent to any email address in the configured domain will be directed (e.g. or doe @ yourdomain .com).
      Forward all domain email traffic to a different email address
    • No mail support (no MX records) - select this option if you do not want to create MX records. This will mean that email will not be enabled for the domain . After selecting this option, e-mail boxes created on your hosting at will not be able to use your domain address.
      How do you set not support email for your domain?
    • Catch-All - enabling this function allows you to capture e-mails sent to non-existent or incorrectly entered e-mail addresses created in the domain, e.g. You can find more information about the catch-all function at this address .
      Turn domain catch-all on or off
  • After clicking the Send button , the domain settings will be saved. Wait a few minutes for the server settings to refresh .
    If after clicking the Send button, the following error message is displayed: " An error occurred while assigning the domain to the server. No delegation to the provider's DNS servers , it means that you are trying to change the settings of an external domain that has been added to the Customer Panel , but has not yet been  delegated to the DNS servers .
    • If you have already done the delegation to the appropriate DNS servers, then you must wait for the DNS servers to refresh (it takes up to 30 hours). After this time, perform the domain assignment operations for hosting again.
    • If you have not already delegated the domain , then perform this operation through the administrative panel of the operator with whom the domain is currently registered.

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